American Denim: A New Folk Art

American Denim: A New Folk Art

Denim decoration has the credentials as a folk art. It many not be quite as old an American art form as customizing one's own car, but it definitely antedates tie-dyed T-shirts and pray-paint graffiti.

Most of the factors involved in the craft renaissance are in part due to the disconnect in relationship between price and quality or workmanship. Garbage costs as much as excellence, and excellence is becoming garbage. If Americans are being drawn together in the slightest, it is by the increasingly common understanding that nothing you can afford is any good. .

What is coming back with crafts is an attitude which hold that it is all right for human beings not to be machines, and that the imperfect work of a single human being's hands is of value, whether it keeps the rain off or not, whether it sells or not. This is a collection of denim folk art craft which will inspire all who read it.

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

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