Incredible review at Paste Magazine! Truly an in depth look at the book and a love letter to DRAGONS.

Read a free chapter of the long-lost dragon book by The Last Unicorn author Peter Beagle

“Peter S Beagle is, as ever, a master. Like the dragons and dreams therein – gorgeous and vibrant and wistfully fantastic – he never neglects the sharp teeth that confirm a tale as absolutely real.”

–Travis Baldree, New York Times bestselling author of Legends and Lattes

“Beagle’s cozy novel embraces over-the-top fantasy tropes, and the effect is a tale that’s as hilarious as it is endearing. Evocative of Terry Pratchett, the writing grows beyond its charming aesthetic to deliver a deceptively serious narrative.”

– Library Journal

“A novel that is as much fun as its title suggests, but with the darker nuances that have always given Beagle’s fiction an unexpected gravitas, and a depth of character that – again a Beagle trademark – manages to turn archetypes into living, breathing figures.”

– Locus Magazine

“A riveting adventure…Beagle’s latest coming-of-age tale will charm readers.”

– Booklist

“A rip-roaring standalone fantasy…the resulting adventure offers surprises and humor aplenty alongside a hefty dose of classic dragon lore. Beagle’s fans will feel this was worth the wait.”

– Publishers Weekly

“Peter Beagle is an icon in the world of fantasy fiction…its charming characters and cozy high fantasy vibes are worth the wait.”

– Paste

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"One of my favorite writers."
— Madeleine L’Engle
author of A Wrinkle in Time
“[Beagle] has been compared, not unreasonably, with Lewis Carroll and J. R. R. Tolkien, but he stands squarely and triumphantly on his own feet.”
— Saturday Review
“Peter S. Beagle has both opulence of imagination and mastery of style.”
— New York Times Book Review
“Peter Beagle deserves a seat at the table with the great masters of fantasy.”
— Christopher Moore
author of Lamb and The Serpent of Venice
"One of the all-time greats."
— The Guardian
"Not only one of our greatest fantasists, but one of our greatest writers, a magic realist worthy of consideration with such writers as Marquez, Allende, and even Borges."
— The American Culture
“For fantasy fans, Beagle should be a staple.”
— Library Journal
"There are other authors who can write a sentence as well as Beagle, but there are very few who keep inventing sparkling fantasy ideas for decade after decade."
— SF Commentary
“Peter S. Beagle is a master of the magical.”
— Kurt Busiek
author of Astro City and The Avengers
"At his best, Peter S. Beagle outshines the moon, the sun, the stars, the entire galaxy."
— Seattle Times
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