‘The Last Unicorn’ Gallops Onto 4K

The last unicorn


  • The Last Unicorn will be released on 4K Blu-ray for the first time by Shout Factory on August 20, 2024.
  • Special features included in the set: a profile of author Peter S. Beagle, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and more.
  • Preorder now on ShoutFactory.com for $29.99 and get a double-sided poster while supplies last.

The Last Unicorn is outracing the Red Bull and headed for 4K Blu-ray. Shout Factory is releasing the cult classic animated fantasy on 4K for the first time. The two-disc set will be released on August 20, 2024.

The set will include an all-new Dolby Vision 4K Transfer of the film’s 35mm interpositive, letting viewers see the film’s gorgeous animation in greater detail than ever before. The set will also include a number of special features, including a new profile of author Peter S. Beagle, who wrote the 1968 fantasy novel the film is adapted from, as well as the behind-the-scenes documentary True Magic (Redux): The Story Of The Last Unicorn, a Beagle Q&A, animated storyboards, and the film’s original theatrical trailer. While supplies last, orders from ShoutFactory.com will also come with a double-sided poster, with the film’s original poster art on one side and newly-commissioned artwork on the other. The set will retail for $29.99, and can be preordered now on ShoutFactory.com.

What is 'The Last Unicorn' About?

The Last Unicorn concerns the titular creature (Mia Farrow), who seeks to find her fellow unicorns. Learning from a scatterbrained butterfly (Robert Klein) that they have been driven into the sea by the monstrous Red Bull, she allies with an incompetent magician, Schmendrick (Alan Arkin) and Molly Grue, an aging “Maid Marian” (Tammy Grimes). To hide her from the Bull, Schmendrick turns the unicorn into a human woman, Lady Amalthea – who unexpectedly falls in love with Prince Lir (Jeff Bridges). Unfortunately, Lir’s father, the grim King Haggard (Christopher Lee), is also the master of the Red Bull. Other notable voice actors in the film include Angela Lansbury as Mommy Fortuna, the cruel mistress of a traveling menagerie; Keenan Wynn as Captain Cully, a dissolute bandit; and Rene Auberjonois as an alcoholic skeleton. Although the film features songs written by songwriter Jimmy Webb and recorded by the band America, it is a far cry from the animated musicals of its day; a mournful tone pervades the film, interspersed with moments of brutal terror.
The Last Unicorn was not a financial success upon its release, and was a rare foray into theatrical release from venerable animation studio Rankin/Bass Productions. Many of the film’s animators were later recruited to form Studio Ghibli by Hayao Miyazaki. The film did eventually find its audience on TV and home video, and is now acknowledged as an animated classic.

The Last Unicorn will be released on 4K Blu-ray on August 20, 2024. Stay tuned to Collider for future updates.

The last unicorn film poster
The Last Unicorn

A beautiful unicorn sets out to learn if she truly is the last of her kind in this sparkling animated musical.

Original post by Rob London | Jun 3, 2024

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