Author name: Peter S. Beagle

The Bridge Partner

Filmmaker Gabriel Olson tells the story of Mattie, a timid housewife who fears for her life when her bridge partner utters a threat to her.

“The Bridge Partner” is adapted from a story by Hugo Award winning author Peter S. Beagle.

The Last Unicorn – Official Licensed Tarot & Oracle Card Deck

This officially licensed Tarot deck is based on The Last Unicorn – the themes, the journey, the visuals, and the story all lend itself flawlessly to the nature and structure of a Tarot deck. Each character of the story is multi-faceted, facing their own challenges and having their own motivations, weaving a beautiful tapestry perfectly suited to the reflective and foretelling nature of the Tarot decks. For dabblers, hobbyists, or professional astrologers or card readers, don’t miss out on this amazing deck for your collection.

“The Last Unicorn” Returns Home

Los Angeles, CA, March 23, 2021 – Following a lengthy bankruptcy court and California state court battle, Peter Beagle has finally reclaimed rights with respect to the vast majority of his Intellectual Property (IP) for the first time in decades.

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