The Last Unicorn Screening Copy

The Last Unicorn is screening at various theaters throughout the United States. Please visit for more information. Once there, choose The Last Unicorn from the list for specific locations.

Tell Me a Story panel

For many readers, there's something magical about hearing a story told out loud, whether that's audiobooks for longer works or podcasts featuring short fiction. This panel will examine how the […]

Cats in Science Fiction and Fantasy panel

Cats in Science Fiction and Fantasy: From Data's pet Spot in Star Trek: TNG to the feline quests and myths in Tad Williams' Tailchaser's Song, from the giant cat steeds […]


Peter will be autographing at the Tachyon Table.

Table Talk

Come sit and talk with Peter for old stories, new stories, and everything in between. We can discuss cats, music, travel, cats, animals, love, cats, and the overwhelming desire to […]

Book Signing

Barnes & Noble Walnut Creek 1192 Locust St Unit D400-500, Walnut Creek, CA, United States

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